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♡ J M S ♡

hi my name is jacqueline.

" cute quote will be displayed here once I find one "
♡ sweet love ♡

♡ my main bitch ♡












♡ Kyle ♡

Im going to keep this Message as short as possible
and rated E


This song is the only song that makes me think of you, AND its the only song that I never get tired of
because i never get tired of you. and this songs give me so much feelings for you.

Im not so comfortable to say these messages to you out on the open, im only ok when you just see then on your stash.
You know i hate opening out to my emotions no matter the situation.
But I gotta suck it up sooner or later right honey? haha

I love you mariah, And for us to being dating online was the last thing I wanted to do on the internet.
But it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Dating online had there ups and downs,
But we made it work.

I love that feeling when I always talk to you everyday of the week, from the morning to night.
I love that feeling when you get angry at someone and start saying mean things, its just cute.
I love that feeling when we pretend to get in an argument, cause it makes it feel like that your in the room with me right now.
Before we where dating, and you drew those pictures of us, I thought that was adorable when you pretend you didnt make it.

I remember the first time we meet, It was when you where selling an oc, and i just keept bidding higher so you can get more points
and I ended up stopping at 1000 points i think. And i always think. If I wasn't on the chat that day or didn't do that fake bidding with you
WE wouldn't be right her right now, being romantic.

Which reminds me, I even Remember the first song you sang on out first pm.
I only remember this cause, at first it sounded like you where telling me something. And i still cant tell if your singing or trying to tell me something.
The song was, 5 oclock in the morning? (forgot the title of it) by Lily Allen

*tickles your neck*

I love doing that, cause your so ticklish that it would look cute to see you freak out from being touched in your tickle spot.
I even wanna hear your hiccup laugh when i do that to you.

I took 1 year and 5-6 months for us to be together.
EVEN if i didn't knew you had a crush on me,
Well i thought you did after those pictures but i Wasn't so sure about it

Although you know this already,
i will always love that first picture you made of use.
Glad you didn't stored it cause i love it so much.

When I see that pic, It reminds me of all the fun where going to have.

But there is always an end to that fun, which im scared about. You have talked about leaving or planning to leave soon,
And it always scars me when your in a stressful mood cause you tend to start thinking its time to leave.
If we lived next door i would be fine

but since where so far apart, its like im never gonna be able to see you again.
Yeah Ik we have kik, but it just wont be the same as it use to be.

Your scared and im scared of you leaving, and i even told you this before.
if you leave im probably going to leave as well,
Why i came back online. I remember that i was going to leave that day.
But when i found out you had feelings for me, And I had feelings for you too.

I came back.

I love you no matter what happens, Even if where fighting
Which hasn't happened yet, I'd still love you.

I want to keep you happy, protected and being your goofy cute self.
I love you so much to the moon and back.

I will never forget you.

Your bear


We should go to the beach someday as well

♡ Noah ♡

Why hey there wifey!
I just brought Saki home from therapy! It is such an honor to father 5 kids with you!
I was there the entire time as the doctor ripped them right out of your...
Bitch you keep me up talking like 24/7 on some days. I fall asleep in class bc of you!
Besides what you do to my sleeping schedule you are honestly one of the greatest friends on here!
I can tell you like everything, all of my scandalous stories and your there to help me with my problems.
You're art also makes me so jelly and I wanna kill you for it half the time...but I resist my urges lol.
Keep on making cute stuff, I hope one day my work will be as good as yours!
I look foward to all of our future all-nighters and the future of our children <3
Yours Truly, Hey-Hollywood

♡ TaHir ♡

"us arriving at an all you can eat buffet"

ratatouilleJACKY, JACKY, JACKY......THE 2ND BADDEST BITCH ON DA <3 I'm the baddest, of course duh.. lol but no..I can seriously write a whole fucking novel about our We can literally talk about a n y t h i n g ! Which is ONE OF THE MAIN THINGS I LOVE ABOUT YOU!<3 LOL We can GO FROM having a serious ass conversation talking about the meaning of life/so deep and SENTIMENTAL TO TALKING ABOUT FUCKING TURKEYS AND NANCY'S ILLITERATE ASS AND US ROLLING DOWN THE STAIRS/HAVING INTENSE BATTLES TO THE DEATH LOLL REGARDLESSS, I'm soosososo glad we MET/BECAME FRIENDS LOL I don't even we..CAME TOGETHER/MET HONESTLY.. maybe its FATE, MAYBE ITS..DESTINY..MAYBE ITS MAYBELINE! lol WHATEVER IT IS, I'M GLAD IT HAPPENED<3 Because I CONSIDER YOU one of my b e s t e s t friends! You make da 23251x more fun..AND IDK WHAT I'D DO WITHOUT YOU! THIS IS THE PART WHERE U START TEARING UP..LOL ok this is like..turning into a fucking harry potter novel..SO LEMME WIND IT UP! Despite how much fucking bags I get from staying up with you SINCE YOU'RE 3 HOURS BEHIND ME..., I STILL LOVE YA! But just remember, you'll never be in the MEDIAAAAAAAAAAAAA-DONKEY VOICE-
kute kunts krew

♡ Sona ♡

Dear Squishy,
Waat, how do I even begin to talk about you darling?
Your are my squishy!
Two years ago i would have not imagines in my whole entire life
that we would be as close as we are today like wow
You have always been there for me no matter whats going on with people
You cheer me up and your my number one gossip girl haha
We are both adorable cheek twins!
aah omg ok so idk what else to say so i shall quote our first conversation:
Me: Hey everyone!
Jacky: Yo who are you
Me: I'm Sona!
Jacky: How'd you find this?
Me: Your journal?
Jacky: oh ya ok so u need a proper welcoming
Me: haha ok
Jacky: so tramp stamp saying "bad bitch" or pushing you into the garbage?
Me: lol uuh surprise me
Jacky: She's a keeper!


Thanks so much for the Favs, Comments, Watches!
means so much!
love you all









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I like your TDI style art, I should have faved you earlier. Hey, I do not want be a burden asking you this but. Loleighta, I watch her but she blocked me. I do not suppose you could ask her as to why? If you do not want to bother that is fine by me. I just do not know how to ask someone that has blocked you ( unless that person has another site you I could ask them on). You can ignore this if you want it's no big deal.
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